Top 6 Dog Breeds for Seniors

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6 Perfect Dog Breeds for Seniors in Rhode Island

The physical and emotional health benefits of having a dog are well documented. Rhode Island in-home care providers in particular believe the value of canine companionship can be even more significant for seniors. Certain breeds are more suitable for seniors than others, however. Consider the energy level, size, and potential health issues found within the various breeds before making a final decision.

1. Welsh Terrier

Known for being energetic, friendly, playful, and loving, this terrier can be an excellent choice for seniors who can regularly exercise with these pups. At a full-grown weight of approximately 18 pounds, this intelligent dog can be easier to manage and feed than a larger canine companion.

2. Irish Terrier

This breed tips the scales at 25 pounds when fully grown. An intelligent and playful companion, the Irish Terrier is known for its loyalty and protective streak. This is a dog with a lot of spunk, yet is still relatively easy to manage. This dog is also easy to groom since it sheds very little.

3. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

This sturdily built dog may be low to the ground, but is long and stout. Corgis are more susceptible to a variety of health problems than many other breeds. However, this breed is very alert, intelligent and loving. An average adult Corgi will weigh approximately 35 pounds.

4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Perhaps the most affectionate and courageous of the smaller dogs, the “Staffy” can be high-energy at times, but loves to sleep. Unlike many other purebred dogs, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier comes in a variety of colors. Expect an adult to weigh just less than 38 pounds.

5. Biewer

This tiny breed has a long, beautiful coat but sheds very little. At only seven pounds, the Biewer is gentle and sociable. A senior that prefers a smaller dog might enjoy having a Biewer for a companion.

6. Toy American Eskimo

The toy version of this hearty breed stays under 10 pounds in most cases. You can expect this smaller dog to be friendly, playful, and intelligent. Keep in mind that these solid white dogs require a moderate amount of exercise.

In addition to getting your loved one a dog, he or she will also benefit from having the companionship of a live-in or hourly home caregiver in Rhode Island. Home Care Assistance is the leading provider of senior home care that gives seniors the chance to age in place with dignity. Call (401) 284-0979 today to learn why your senior loved one will benefit from the companionship of a compatible caregiver.


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