Outdoor Arts Experience (OAE), the Jamestown Arts Center (JAC) has organized an exhibit entitled Headspace: Inner thoughts on the 3D creative process. This exhibition looks at the materials and methods that the artists exhibiting in the OAE used to plan and develop their ideas into final artworks. Items on display include quick sketches, clay or metal maquettes, architectural scale models, swatches of test materials, and computerized engineering drawings, to name a few.

Nine of the ten artists exhibiting contributed their materials. The JAC originally planned this exhibition for their small gallery; however, due to COVID-related uncertainties, the exhibit was re-configured to hang in downtown storefronts to ensure accessibility to all viewers regardless of any unforeseen circumstances. Storefronts participating are marked with a blue JAC logo. Home Care Assistance of RI, located at 24 Narragansett Ave is one of the store fronts that is displaying “Panel depicting process of Needles Galore.