Create Some Happy:

Home Care Assistance of Rhode Island strives to bring the RI local communities together through the use of the arts and other venues that can provide meaningful benefits: We all seek to engage socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Here you can learn as many vehicles of expression as possible to be able to have fun with. Here we can be creative and learn to recognize the potential within, allowing one to use the resources to play more and nurture yourself on all levels of mind, body, and spirit, through creativity and self expression.

Benefits of Improv:

Come and experience this valuable, out-of-the-box tool for improving our communication with persons with Dementia and those showing signs of Cognitive Impairment. This workshop is for anyone living with dementia, their companions, family and friends, those that are supportive members of the Alzheimer’s community, and anyone interested in learning more about Cognitive Impairment.


Learning playful tools for connecting with others.
The power of eye contact and non-verbal communication skills.
How flexibility and laughter can relieve the most stressful situations.
Meeting and making connections with others – support group.
Using music to illicit memories while increasing social engagement.

Benefits of Storytelling:

Community Conversation: When Life Gives You Lemons
A Storytelling adventure of Living Well with Dementia
Come and share your insights, lessons learned, and bright moments.


Conversations with others
Connections with others-Support group
Relieve Stress
Share new creative tools.

Benefits of Visual and Guided Imagery:

Engage with your senses in full creative expressions.


How to reduce stress through our expressions.
Learn how to create joy and beauty in your world.
How words and pictures provoke our moods.

Benefits of Health-Wise Healthy Aging
Community Conversation: Learn about the growing body of research on healthy aging and the important lifestyle choices for improving quality of life.


How dance, art, singing, laughter, and mindfulness are beneficial to healthy longevity.

Benefits of Health-wish Culinary Cuisines:

Community Conversation: Importance of Nutrition as a cornerstone of health.


How superfoods like green juices, salmon, walnuts, carrots, eggs, flaxseed, blueberries, and ark chocolate are nutrient powerhouses.
Learn new recipes that incorporate the superfoods.

Benefits of Music Memory:

Benefits:Singing, playing instruments, and dancing.Optimism, Joy, and Resilience in Aging
Elevating our moods and emotions through different harmonies, rhythm, and tone.
The power of stimulating memories through various genres of music.
How levels of tempo can relieve the most stressful situations.
Through the use of dance and movements to improve balance, strength, and range of motion.
Using music to elicit memories while increasing social engagement.
Singing and verbal expression strengthens articulation, vocalization and volume.
Engaging in instrumentals, improves fine motor function and muscle memory.

Benefits of Dance:

The joy of Moving to Music.


Increase Cognitive reserve and increased complexity of neural synapses.
Increased mobility of joints and muscles.